Our Values

We are committed to the original design and innovation with the purpose of a better sexual love experience, so that brings lovers free but safe taste of making love.

Human civilization originates from sexual love, which is the most essential intimacy. However, the pressure of modern life, secular judgements and the awareness of self-consciousness make sex lose its original pure feelings. So we hope that we can use sexual tools to help people who pursue high-level sense of sexual love to enjoy the pleasure and freedom they never had before, so that they can regain the hope of their life and enjoy the deeper integration with their loveone.

Risks & Challenges

Every new enterprise is faced with risks and challenges. Founded by a group of designers, programmers, and enthusiasts, WVVM is a young brand which focuses on sex toy for her, him and couples. "Sweet Moments Touch Forever Memories" is our slogan.

With the purpose of exploring new technology, new workmanship, and providing a new experience, WVVM is working hard to provide the ultimate experience for each global customer. It has been a clear goal set by our WVVM team at the very beginning of the whole campaign: each supporter will be ensured of timely delivery of Honey Bunny. We are confident that our research and development are solid.

 -We have protected our intellectual property.
 -We have partnered with a premier sex toy manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.
 -We conducted a 6-month test market and received previous reviews.

We’ve investigated all aspects of marketing, manufacturing, and distribution, and we believe that the financial and commercial risks are manageable.  We see significant opportunity in ongoing travel restrictions during these difficult times. We hope that you’ll choose to elevate the standard of intimate pleasure experience by backing this project.

How else can we assist you?

Leave your precious voice in the COMMENTS, use the social sharing buttons at the top, or contact any friends you have that blog or write for websites. It would mean the world to us if you do this. Every share will allow us to get the support and awareness we need to reach the many in the search of optimal orgasm solutions.

We Deserve Your Trust

Our products are made of pure natural and pollution-free materials. We also have relevant safety certification, you could get the details at the part of the PRODUCT SAFETY INFO.. In addition, we also provide one-year after-sales guarantee, view the details at WARRANTY.

More information, please contact us at service@wvvm.shop