Cinco historias de amor conmovedoras, mira cuánta gente llora, prepara pañuelos rápidamente


Because they were too poor to rent a house, the couple moved into a haunted house.

One year, my wife was blind, but she saw ghosts all over the house.

She was so scared that she yelled,

Husband guarded by his side: "With me, they can't hurt you."

Holding his wife's hand tightly, she finally fell asleep deeply.

The next day, the wife woke up and was surprised to find that she could see her husband.

"So you won't be scared anymore" the husband smiled, red tears streaming from the corners of his eyes.

(Husband hurts himself, in order to let his wife see)



He loves her. She said that she would have to wander enough outside before coming back. He said he waited.

She returned him the pen he gave her, and it was useless after he accepted it.

Three years later, he finally waited until she came back.

But the two returned together. He didn't say anything, just a blessing.

Many years later, when he was sorting things out, he found the fountain pen from that year. He opened the box and found a note in it.

"I'll wait for you to pick me up..."



After dinner every day, they would go for a walk in the park,

And she is very squeamish, and pouting "back me" when she walks a few steps every day

He is not willing every time,

Sometimes pretending to squat down, when she was ready to come up, she suddenly came out, and she chased after her.

Two years ago, he was seriously ill and was hospitalized, and she occasionally came to the park alone.

Before she died, she asked him, "Are there any wishes?"

He smiled and said, "I want to carry you on my back again."

(Those that are the most true are the ones I miss last.)



Late at night, the wife cooked a bowl of egg noodles waiting for her husband to return.

Although the husband who has been tired for a day is very hungry,

But seeing the haggard wife couldn’t swallow it,

So he put the egg between his wife, and the wife saw how her tired husband could bear to eat it.

They began to humbly with each other, and slowly realized that there would be no results in this way.

So I divided the egg into two halves, sandwiched each other's share, and filled each other's hearts in the dim light.

(Sometimes, this is a kind of happiness.)



My sister can only remember three people, my parents and me, because of the accident when I was young.

On her 16th birthday, I said to her: If you have someone you like, just forget me.

I won't. The sister said with a smile.

One day in the third year, my sister and her boyfriend found me together,

My sister said to me crying: "Brother, who am I?"

(She would rather forget herself than the one she loves)


Have you been moved to cry after reading it? Sometimes love is really great. The great one makes people desperate to ask what love is in the world. It just means that life and death are promised.

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