5 toys to stimulate the clitoris

I don't know about you friends, but I've always considered myself more clitoral than vaginal. I have nothing against penetration, I like it, but my thing is my thing is the stimulation of the clitoris. The hand is a perfect tool for this task, of course, but in case you are interested in using other types of more “sophisticated” tools, I share a list of 5 perfect and accessible devices for self-stimulation.

  1. Sucker

Let's start with my favorite: the Honey Bunny. I love it because it is too cute, the design of it is inspired by a bunny, which gives it points of cuteness.

In addition to this, it has a double function of suction and vibration, which makes it the perfect tool to stimulate the clitoris and vulva, you can even get more ingenious and take it to other erogenous zones of the body. I love it because it also does not use batteries, it charges magnetically with its base. Ah, another thing, the base is also a lamp and has a kind of diffuser of essences. Is there anything I don't do? The truth is that it has been one of the best purchases of my life, I was looking for gold and I found diamonds.

  1. Egg vibrator

This one amuses me a lot, it is very small and portable, I can take it everywhere without anyone noticing it and it even has a remote control with which I can make it vibrate if I suddenly feel like it. I put it in my underwear, close to my clit, and let the vibration do its thing. It is a very simple but very effective toy.

  1. Wand vibrator

I like the wand massagers a lot because I feel that they are very comfortable, sometimes the size may not be very discreet, but if you are not going to carry it from one place to another that does not matter much. This one that I share with you is quite light and the colors are very beautiful, in addition, you can put it in the shower without problems.

  1. Vibrator / sucker

It is that the suckers are the best invention of humanity. This one in particular has a very fun design, it is like a medical grade silicone tongue that simulates that incredible moment of oral sex. The body is a bit uncomfortable, but the truth is that the feeling of licking there is worth it.

  1. Bullet vibrator

Lastly, a bullet vibrator. It is really comfortable, easy to use, practical and discreet. I love it because I can take it everywhere, it is ideal for my hands, which are small, and well, I love that it is so simple, it vibrates and it does it perfectly.

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